Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg

During your time of being an escort it is part of the job description to meet every client and get to know them. However, every once in a while I got to meet a person that was truly into me, wanted to know much more about what I do and how I feel, as an escort that truly touched my heart. It was my day off during the start of my career as a lesbian escort. Hamburg is a wonderful city but since I was not a national it took me sometime to find a spot where I felt comfortable. Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg I was asked by a client to meet in a beer bar that was close to my place of residence. I got ready and met a young woman about the same as me, after buying my drink she indicated that before we head off to her place she just wanted to talk. She had sparkling eyes, and looked as if she had important questions to ask me. That was strange because most clients preferred to get straight down to business, but this young woman with black hair wanted to learn. Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg The conversation in the bar was long and due to the fact that I had started to enjoy her company I paid no attention to the clock. I explained to this newly found lesbian about all that two women can do to attain pleasure, however I knew that just theory will do her no good, which is why I suggested that we head to her place. As outcall service she felt more comfortable being in her own place, and that is when I made up my mind to not only introduce her to lesbian pleasure but also to teach her.

The 3-hour arrangement by now had turned into a night spent in each other’s arms naked. She found out how to exploit the G spot, the use of a strap on and how amazing a black kiss feels. She was shy when I first started to take off her clothing but soon found comfort in my touch and that was when I started to make her feel aroused. Her entire dress came off with the opening of a single zip, and she stood before me with matching laced underwear. She really was beautiful and the curiosity in her eyes, the yearn of learning made her the perfect companion. I made her cum more than once that night and she turned out to be a great student as she learned pretty quickly. Even after so many years of being a lesbian I can still feel her tongue on my clit and the orgasm that followed. I never met her again, but she was extremely generous as she not only paid for the entire night but also tipped me generously.