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Since my time in school, I have been hearing people calling me names like a nerd, geek, and whatnot. I was bullied in school due to my weight and reserved character. I could not even make eye contact with girls, let alone talk. My confidence was an all-time low back then. Then I was just eight years old, twenty-two years, things have slightly changed but only just. Although success in my career did help me regain some of my confidence but I still couldn’t muster enough courage to communicate with a girl. While this didn’t affect me but yes I completely ignored my biological needs. I used to tackle my urges with work earlier but since I am in an established position, I didn’t have a lot on my plate as my demons took over. It was not just about sex, it was about spending time with someone who offers a comforting companionship. This is when my business partner suggested me to book an escort model from Best Escort Hamburg. While looking at escort profiles on the website of the agency, I saw that not only these Escort Hamburg beauties that provide erotic pleasures but they are specialists in their work as well. However, I wanted to book a companion with a tight pussy as I wanted to feel like I am losing my virginity to another virgin. Till now I had been unsuccessful in my attempts to find such a babe but it was my lucky day as I found a high-class callgirl with a tight pussy. I got ready for my date and I practiced a lot in front of a mirror but as soon as I saw her, my jaw dropped and I blacked out in the awe of her beauty. While I was quite nervous to speak up, she broke the ice by talking about various things from the German economic policies to other world affairs. I was stunned at how well-educated and intelligent my date was as she continued to make remarkable conversations with me. After she saw me getting comfortable, she edged near me and played with my hair as she told me that I’m a handsome guy and all. She was so good with her words that she almost convinced me that I was more handsome than the rest of them out there. I would’ve laughed it away if someone else would have told me but she was different as right after flattering me, she gives me a deep French kiss and before I know it, we were both at it. After the foreplay came the real deal. I slipped my cock inside her pussy and I couldn’t explain how happy I was as I felt my cock wrapped around the warm yet wet pussy of her. The tightness of her pussy helped me achieve an intense climax as we tried multiple positions throughout our time. For a guy who had trouble speaking to a girl, I was over the moon as I heard my date moan my name as I thrust my dick in and out of her pussy. It was a memorable experience for me and since then I only patronize the services of Best Escort Hamburg.         

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I grew up in a male-dominated family. Ever since I was a kid, I felt more comfortable in men than I was in women. I attributed this factor to my shy nature in front of women but I didn’t realize that my sexuality was shaping up and I didn’t own it. I was attracted to women and I had a lot of fun with them in bed but I also enjoyed the touch of a man. Whenever I got close to man, I felt my whole body tingling with sensations but I never had an opportunity to get laid with a man. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for the experience despite how much I craved it. I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time and I usually used to pick up girls from nightclubs but that particular day I was feeling very lazy. This is the time I decided to hire the services of an escort model rather than go partying in nightclubs to pick up a girl who might turn out to be average in bed. I had been living in Hamburg for the past five years and during that, I heard a lot of great reviews about the services provided by Best Escort Hamburg. When I visited the website, I saw gorgeous and open-minded women providing strap-on services. I usually don’t give in to my desires this easily but I don’t know what happened to me during that time that I decided to book a meeting right away. To this date I don’t know what influenced me to book an appointment right way; might the beauty of my Escort Hamburg or the erotic services she was providing. I booked a room at the Roomers Frankfurt and had a few drinks before my erotic date arrived at my doorsteps. She looked way better than she did on the phone. I passed a compliment that she was looking stunning to which she smiled. We sat down for a bit and discussed various things before I told her what I expected from her. I told her that although I have been sleeping with women, I want to be dominated by one of them. I also told her of my desire to feel how tight I am. Well, usually most of the girls will gross out after listening to the fantasies but my date welcomed the idea. This gave me a lot of confidence and we started kissing which lead to an unforgettable experience for me. The thought of getting rammed by a dominating woman used to turn me on and experiencing it with a beautiful and experienced woman was something I couldn’t even think of in my wildest dreams. Not only did she pound me from behind but she kept telling how tight my asshole was which made me quite horny. Never did I felt more confident in front of a woman before she helped me reach an intense climax. After my appointment, I dropped her back home and on my way back, I couldn’t stop thinking about the wild night I had been a part of.

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I miss having sex in a car! Those were my word when I was self-reflecting as I was looking for reasons why I don’t get thrilled by sex anymore. I was always fascinated by cars and this was one of the main reasons why I decided to settle in Germany since it is the home of automobiles. But more than driving the car, I was thrilled by the idea of an erotic sex session in it. While the cramped space along with bruises and bumps were common while having sex in the car, the adrenaline rush I used by the thought of getting caught while having sex in my car was something which I craved. Ever since I graduated from college, I haven’t engaged in a sexual encounter in a car. Usually, the girls ended up at my place or vice versa but even that stopped after my marriage. Such was my craze for having sex in the car that I lost my virginity in my father’s vehicle. While having sex in a car was a bit risky, one of the easiest things to do in-car was oral sex as nothing tops the experience of your girl sucking your dick while you put the foot on the gas. My wife’s father had been diagnosed with cancer and she was leaving Hamburg for a few weeks to take care of him. Although I had no intention of meeting other babes while she was out of the city, I decided to go for it but what I feared the most about my privacy. So I looked upon the internet for callgirls and agencies offering discreet services. While going through the search results, I came across Best Escort Hamburg. I explored the website as I was quite jubilant to see that they have beautiful GFE escort models that also provide their services in a car. I couldn’t believe my luck, not only did I find an agency who respected my privacy but I also found a companion who was willing to get dirty with me on the backseat of my car. For years I had been suggesting my wife of having a casual sex encounter in our car but every time I pitched her that idea, I was met with a stern refusal. But now I had this opportunity and I didn’t want it to slip up. I booked a meeting with a beautiful Escort Hamburg and the next day, I was going to pick her up. While I only had sex on my mind since the moment she sat in my car as she was stunning and I had to control myself from showering her with kisses. We grabbed a few beers as we roam in the car discussing each other’s interests and fantasies as I told her I love to get freaky in a car. What I didn’t know was that she shared the same desire of me and after I parked a car in a dark alley, we both took off our clothes as we engaged in the most passionate sex of my life. It reminded me of my college days and we grabbed some fast food after our session before I dropped her back. Little did I know that in the absence of my wife, a beautiful young escort will make my biggest fantasy come to life.       

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During your time of being an escort it is part of the job description to meet every client and get to know them. However, every once in a while I got to meet a person that was truly into me, wanted to know much more about what I do and how I feel, as an escort that truly touched my heart. It was my day off during the start of my career as a lesbian escort. Hamburg is a wonderful city but since I was not a national it took me sometime to find a spot where I felt comfortable. Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg I was asked by a client to meet in a beer bar that was close to my place of residence. I got ready and met a young woman about the same as me, after buying my drink she indicated that before we head off to her place she just wanted to talk. She had sparkling eyes, and looked as if she had important questions to ask me. That was strange because most clients preferred to get straight down to business, but this young woman with black hair wanted to learn. Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg The conversation in the bar was long and due to the fact that I had started to enjoy her company I paid no attention to the clock. I explained to this newly found lesbian about all that two women can do to attain pleasure, however I knew that just theory will do her no good, which is why I suggested that we head to her place. As outcall service she felt more comfortable being in her own place, and that is when I made up my mind to not only introduce her to lesbian pleasure but also to teach her.

The 3-hour arrangement by now had turned into a night spent in each other’s arms naked. She found out how to exploit the G spot, the use of a strap on and how amazing a black kiss feels. She was shy when I first started to take off her clothing but soon found comfort in my touch and that was when I started to make her feel aroused. Her entire dress came off with the opening of a single zip, and she stood before me with matching laced underwear. She really was beautiful and the curiosity in her eyes, the yearn of learning made her the perfect companion. I made her cum more than once that night and she turned out to be a great student as she learned pretty quickly. Even after so many years of being a lesbian I can still feel her tongue on my clit and the orgasm that followed. I never met her again, but she was extremely generous as she not only paid for the entire night but also tipped me generously. 

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I have been with a lot of men in my life but I was never satisfied. None of them understood my needs and while most of them were at least average, some didn’t last long while some didn’t know how to use their tool at all. As the CEO of a reputable company, I have to travel a lot throughout the world. This is the reason why I don’t get enough time to sort out of my personal life especially what happens behind the walls. This one time, I had to attend a conference in Hamburg. A suite was booked at the Park Hyatt Hamburg by my company as it is one of the most critically acclaimed hotels in the city. The suite had everything one could wish for and it was quite impressive as compared to my previous hotel selections. Duo escort lesbian show for a high profile client at Park Hyatt Hamburg After the conference, I was laying on my king-size bed after making myself a drink from the minibar. I reminisce about my college life as I sipped my champagne and I suddenly came across the memory when I had my first kiss, with a girl! Although it was my only experience, I still remember it fondly as it was a euphoric moment for me. I had nothing to do the next day and I decided to spend time with a beautiful woman and rejuvenate my sex life. Despite being new to the city, I had heard a lot about Best Escort Hamburg from my colleagues who have been to the city for our last year’s conference. They preferred it because the agency provides discreet sex services and this factor was quite ideal for me. Sadly I couldn’t attend that conference and meet open-minded high-class companions but now I was here and got the opportunity to spend time with an Escort Hamburg. As I went through their website, I found out that they are offering lesbian show services and that too by duo escorts. The thought of being surrounded by not one but two lesbian beauties was too tempting for me and I quickly booked my duo. As I looked through the pictures of the models, to be honest, I was a bit intimidated because these girls were absolutely dazzling. While I was not half bad in my youth but these were simply out of the world. For me time is money and I was quite happy when my companions arrived at the exact time. As I opened the door, I realized that the photos didn’t do justice to them as they were quite stunning, more so than their pictures. All three of us got along really well as the blend of champagne and excitement made it a memorable evening. They both started to play with each other first but before I could blink an eye, I was in the middle of it. Duo escort lesbian show for a high profile client at Park Hyatt Hamburg Two beautiful women pleasing me certainly turned me on as my day off in Hamburg became the best day of my life and it was only possible due to the efforts and amazing skills of my lesbian show duo escorts.

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My wife and I had been married for 15 years. While we never faced any issue in our marriage but over time, our marriage lost its spark. We still loved each other but there was no attraction involved. We were staying together just for the sake of each other as we loved each other too deeply. It was summertime and I decided to take my wife on a short vacation. I was figuring a place and then Hamburg popped in my mind. It was a perfect destination as my wife loved beaches and Hamburg has its own beach and, not to forget, beach clubs. Couples incall bisexual hooker for third wheeling in Hamburg The chance of spicing our marriage in a city like Hamburg which is full of entertainment was too good. I told my wife of this surprise and the smile on her face was priceless. We arrived in Hamburg and booked our stay at the Fontenay Hotel. We came here for four days and for the first three days we explored Hamburg. The city was beautiful and it certainly enhanced the mood of my wife but there was no desire in bed. My wife and I had a good understanding between us and that is why I didn’t shy away from pitching a potential breakthrough in our attempts to find our lost love. Although I was feeling a bit nervous at first as I told my wife of inviting another woman over for our last day in the city. She listened to it calmly and, though, I was not expecting a fierce reaction but I was also looking forward to something. To my surprise, my wife listened to me calmly and decided to go ahead with the idea. Now we didn’t know anyone in Hamburg so I called a friend of mine back home who visited the city some time ago. He suggested me to try a service named Best Escort Hamburg. He told me that he had been a lot of women in Hamburg but none was better than an Escort Hamburg and I also got to know that they offer the services of bisexual high-class escorts. I told my wife and we decided to give it a try as we had nothing to lose. We went on the website and we were amazed by the beautiful girls and we selected Adele. She was an incall apartment and we went over to her place. She was more stunning than her pictures and at first glance, we both thought that we made a good decision. It was indeed one of the best decisions of our life as not only she entertained my wife and I through some interesting talks but she turned out to be the missing jigsaw in our bed as she made amazing use of her skills to pleasure the both of us. Couples incall bisexual hooker for third wheeling in Hamburg Our time with her was full of fun as we both thoroughly enjoyed. When it was over, we were quite sad to be leaving Hamburg and Adele but we decided to visit sometime soon and spend another evening with her. 

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Its tiring when somebody literally controls every single thing in your life. My boss sent me out of Hamburg to close a business deal and unfortunately the news I had for my boss was not a good one. The clients that I went to meet had found similar services and had sent me back with a counter offer, one which I was sure my boss will not appreciate. I did what I thought would help me boost my confidence, and booked an escort to meet me as soon as I landed. I had to do something that was adventurous, that brought out the man within me and I could not wait. The flight was four hours long and during the flight I booked the escort that I wanted to meet up at the airport. I spent the time browsing the website and choosing the model that looked the most adventurous. I spent the last hour dreaming about my time with her and as soon as the plane landed I was the first out of the plane. I turned my phone on and the first text was from her saying that she had arrived and was waiting in the lounge area. The trip was only of two days which is why all I had with me was a carry on and a briefcase with company documents. I made my way to the lounge and met her as if she was my girlfriend, I was paying which meant for the time we spend together she could be whom I wanted her to be. We snuck into a disabled toilet as it is much more spacious and locked the door behind us. Here I whispered in her ears and dug deep into her neck as she started to unbutton my shirt. The feeling of doing what I wanted where I wanted certainly made me feel that I was in complete control.

I had forgotten about my boss as in this particular he did not matter. Once the model was bra less I had her kneel down and open my zip to pull out my semi erected cock. she had marvelous lips which of course meant that she knew her way around a penis with her mouth. After a relieving blowjob it was time to remove the jeans she wore and feel the walls of her vagina tighten around my cock. it was by far the best sex of my life, the adrenaline rush and the shape of her ass made me want to cum so hard, I fucked her bareback and emptied my balls on her breasts. I still a lot in me but the knock on the airport toilet’s door meant it was time to go. I still did hear from my boss and it was pretty clear that it was not happy but all I could think about was talking another flight into Hamburg and meeting a model again.