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Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg Lesbian Escort meets a curious lady in Hamburg By SkloyurqDuring your time of being an escort it is part of the job description to meet every client […]

Strip tease escort for a Bachelorette Party at Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Hamburg

My friend was getting hitched in a month and I wanted to make his last days as bachelors quite memorable. This is when the boys and I decided to go out on a trip. We had to do a lot of preparation but the first and foremost thing was that we had to plan the location. While we did a lot of research, we concluded that we will be visiting Hamburg. The city is known for its entertainment so we thought why not we make the best memories of our life in Hamburg. We arrived in the city for a five-day stay. We were staying at the Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments which proved to be our second best decision of the trip; the first was to patronize the services of an Escort Hamburg. The suite was quite spacious and had all the amenities you will find at a luxurious hotel. While we had everything we could wish for, we were missing the presence of a beautiful girl who can light up the mood. It was important to call over some chicks to make it a memorable bachelorette party. At this point, my friends and I couldn’t think of anything else and as we were losing hope, we found the website of Best Escort Hamburg which was considered by many as the top escort agency of the city. Once we started examining all the pictures of each model, it could trickier as the gallery was full of beautiful girls, and deciding one upon them all was one difficult task. However, we all reached a mutual decision to hire the services of Alice. All of us were quite excited for her as she looked awesome in her pictures. Everything was according to plan, we had a loud music system, a good playlist, countless bottles of beer, and then came the moment we had been waiting for, the arrival of our erotic striptease escort. As soon as she entered our suite, the environment changed as I could sense everyone getting attracted to her. As we talked she told us how she got her super sexy long legs from her dad while her small waist was due to the genes she inherited from her mother. Before stripping down on a piece of seductive music, she came close to everyone and kissed them on their cheek to make us all excited. Once she provided us with the finest form of adult entertainment through her seductive moves, I asked her to come with me to another room. I agree I was the best man but I was single as well and wasn’t cheating on anyone, besides Alice was too hard to resist. During my time with her, I realized that not only is she an amazing erotic dancer but she is equally impressive in the bed. Although the bachelor party was planned for my friend, it was I who made the most of it by indulging in the best sex of my life with the hottest babe of the city.

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